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Deine Dinge stamp set <br>from Trodat

Deine Dinge stamp set
from Trodat

Max. text plate size: 38 x 14 mm, max. 3 lines.

Stamp all, find all! Textile stamp for marking different thing: like T-Shirts, Lunch box, drink bottle, etc.

 Content of Packaging: 

» 1 stamp, self-setting of text
» ink cartridge trodat with black ink (up to 95°C machine washable)
» letters and motifs, tweezers
» 1 m iron fleece (washable up to 60 ° C)
» 36 labels in 3 sizes

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Price: CHF 29.94 incl. Tax

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Funny motives to choose from:

Labels for marking smooth surfaces or stiffening fleece for marking dark materials.

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