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DEINE DINGE stamp set from Trodat - Refill kit

DEINE DINGE stamp set from Trodat - Refill kit

Refill kit for "Trodat Deine Dinge" self-inking stamp set.


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 Contents of each individual pack 

 Robust labels 

• 48 labels with positioning aid for precise stamping.
• In 3 sizes for narrow, compact and large prints.
• For smooth surfaces such as lunch boxes, cell phone cases, water bottles and much more.

 Iron fleece 

• 1 m non-woven fabric for approx. 40 prints.
• For better legibility on dark materials.
• Suitable for cotton, synthetics & blended fabrics.
• Stamped on non-woven fabric - washable up to 60°C.


• 1 ink pad with black textile ink.
• Stamp on paper, light textiles, labels or non-woven fabric.
• Ink dermatologically tested with" very good ".
• Stamped directly on fabric - washable up to 95°C.

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